By popular demand, our DRAmilk Tea is back with a new twist; DROmilks. This ones for all you alternative milk fiends, featuring a milky twist to the ABA principle of Differential Reinforcement. For those who are unfamiliar with this, in ABA differential reinforcment of other behavior (DRO) is used as a behavior change intervention method reinforces the absence problem behaviors.


For example, a person who frequently engages in drinking dairy milk with their coffee can be taught to drink an alternative milk option to promote healthier benefits or lower unwanted lactose issues. The coffee drinker is less likley to dairy milk and instead engage in a freindlier other milk option if the target behavior is strengthened. This is our milky twist on the DRO procedure! Rep it in 3 different colorways - OAT, ALMOND, and ABLE MILK (new)


80% Performance Cotton

20% Performance Polyester 

Pre-Washed and Pre-Shrunk

Other Milks Tee