After working with the special needs community for over 10 years the founders of ABLE Coffee Roasters, Anthony and Adeel, came to realize that employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities are scarce. Working in an Autism classroom together, both Anthony and Adeel would work daily with their students on vocational skills and send them to different job sites within the community. Many of the kids would be sent to various job sites but employers, as generous as they were to help the special needs community, were often times unable to shape their disability into functional job skills and students were not always able to reach their full potential. This was not the only concern they had with the special needs community, they also felt there was a disadvantage for students after they would graduate from their adult transition program around the age of 22. Typically those who were interested would look for a job but the opportunities were so limited that the unemployment rate unfortunately reached 80-percent.


Anthony and Adeel decided to create their own company to employ these individuals who are actively looking for work. Our founders wanted to create an environment where those with disabilities don’t have to worry about the stress of trying to fit-in or feeling as if their disability is a disadvantage in the workforce. By creating tasks that are repetitive and simple to master, such as weighing, packaging, labeling coffee, our employees will be able to generalize newly-mastered skills at their ABLE job and incorporate them into their daily lives. With effective training from our experienced staff our employees will be an important part of our country's working community. We hope to close the gap between the employed and unemployed one roast at a time.


Our proud coffee partners that we work with to provide our special coffee for all year round. With their on going love and support The Able Workers continue to have employment opportunities and provide high quality fresh coffee to our customers!



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